PascalABC.NET is:

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  • The new generation Pascal programming language that combines the simplicity of the classic Pascal, a great number of modern extensions and broad capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Free, simple and powerful IDE.
  • Built-in form designer for rapid development of desktop Windows applications.
  • Unique Web environment that allows to develop and run PascalABC.NET, C#, Visual Basic.NET, F# and IronPython programs directly in the browser and provides the personal repository of programs on the server.
Let's take 3 steps towards PascalABC.NET:

Скачать A. Download the latest version of PascalABC.NET with build-in form designer.
WEB-среда разработки B. Open the Web development environment and run PascalABC.NET program directly from the browser.
Посмотреть примеры программ
C. Explore examples of PascalABC.NET programs.

Learn Programming with PascalABC.NET!

  Скриншоты среды программирования PascalABC.NET

Key features of PascalABC.NET

  • Several extensions of the Pascal language, including the foreach operator, in-block variable definitions, auto type deduction in variable definitions, the simplified syntax of units, method implementations inside classes and records, the new operator to construct objects, anonymous classes, auto-classes, BigIntegers etc.
  • The most modern features of programming languages: n-dimensional dynamic arrays, generics, interfaces, operator overloading, exceptions, garbage collection, lambda expressions.
  • Efficient code generation for .NET platform.
  • High compatibility with Delphi Object Pascal.
  • High speed of program execution.
  • Access to a huge number of .NET libraries.
  • IDE with integrated debugger, IntelliSense system, code templates and code auto-formatting.
  • Built-in forms designer for rapid development of desktop Windows applications.
  • Simple and efficient bitmap and vector graphics library.
  • Some OpenMP directives for parallel programming.
  • The Robot and Drawman units for school informatics.
  • Built-in Programming Taskbook — the electronic problem book on programming that contains 1100 learning tasks and covers almost all sections of a basic programming curriculum.
  • Subsystem of automatic correctness checking of results computed by pupil's programs.
  • Web-development environment WDE that allows to run a program directly from the browser.
  • Possibility to create and publish Web-links to a file that is stored in the WDE repository.
  • Command-line PascalABC.NET compiler that is available in Windows (under .NET) and Linux (under Mono).

PascalABC.NET is a joint development of Russian and German programmers. In Russia, the development center is located at the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science, Southern Federal University.

PascalABC.NET is used in a great number of secondary schools and universities of Russia and neighboring countries. In Southern Federal University, it is used as the main language for teaching students of Information technology in the course "Fundamentals of programming" and for teaching children in one of the largest Russian computer school.

Simple, powerful, free — this is a PascalABC.NET!


30.08.14. Встроенный задачник PT4 обеспечивает теперь автоматический многократный запуск программы.

15.02.14. Вышла версия PascalABC.NET 2.2. Многократно ускорено обращение к символам строки на запись

29.12.13. Суммарное количество ежедневных посетителей, запускавших программы в веб-среде хотя бы раз в день, достигло 1 миллиона!

30.09.13. Впервые с начала проекта - более 1000 скачиваний PascalABC.NET за день!

Случайная программа

// Наименование сезона
// Уровень сложности: -1
  Month: integer;
  Season: string;
  case Month of
    1,2,12: Season := 'Зима';
    3..5: Season := 'Весна';
    6..8: Season := 'Лето';
    9..11: Season := 'Осень';