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10.07.23. Release PascalABC.NET 3.9.0. All changes are here.

09.03.22. Release  PascalABC.NET 3.8.3. Main features: for loop with step, foreach loop with index. All changes are here.

07.02.22. Release PascalABC.NET 3.8.2. What's new in 3.8.2.

24.08.21. Release PascalABC.NET 3.8.1. Main features - [Cache] attribute and PlotWPF unit. What's new in version 3.8.1.

07.03.21. PascalABC.NET 3.8 release. Slices of multidimensional arrays and unpacking of lambda expressions parameters into variables. What's new in version 3.8..